The GummiArm with a tool.

Condition: New, assembled on demand

Do you want a GummiArm for experiments around the lab, for travelling to exhibitions and performing courses, or do you prefer just the arm itself? Configure your original GummiArm for your application.

The desktop and floor mounts are made from durable extruded aluminium profiles that can be easiy extended upon. Both stands include a 270° pan mechanism for your favourite 3D sensor and/or head.

The desktop stand is half-height and can be clamped to a table or desktop surface. It is easily transported with the robot in the lightweight travel suitcase included. The floor stand comes with castor wheels and handles, and an adjustable height aluminium table for your laptop. The floor stand and robot transports nicely in the two lightweight travel suitcases included.

The arm comes fully assembled and tested. All printable parts and code are open source and available from our repository:

Important: Our lead time is currently 5 weeks before shipping. Thanks for your patience!

Configure your GummiArm (UK shipment)

Prices do not include VAT.
If you are an international customer, please contact us for a quote with shipping:


  • 7+1 Degrees of Freedom (DoF) dexterous robot arm
    • Sized approximately after a 50 percentile female arm
    • 5x Variable Stiffness Actuator (VSA) joints
    • 2x Directly driven roll joints
    • 1x Actuator for hand actuation (can easily add more actuators)
    • 1x Tendon-driven anthropomorphic hand
  • Approx. 0.5 kg payload under most conditions
    • Approx. 0.75 kg payload at rest pose (elbow at 90° and lower arm horizontal)
    • Can be easily increased by reducing pulley diameters
  • High-quality Robotis Dynamixel servos
    • 6x Dynamixel MX-106t
    • 3x Dynamixel MX-64t
    • 4x Dynamixel AX-18a
    • 5x Dynamixel AX-12a
  • State-of-the-art Taulman3D printed parts
    • Taulman Alloy 910 for high-toughness parts
    • Taulman PET-based plastics for higher-stiffness parts
    • Comes with white/semi-transparent colour as standard, contact us for options
  • Optional pan neck mechanism
    • Comes with mount for Kinect sensor (can easily fit other sensors/heads)
    • 120 mm slewing bearing
    • Dynamixel AX-18a with a pan range of 270°
  • Fully mounted, connected, tested, and ready for action!
    • 2x 12V, 10A power supplies
    • 2x USB2Dynamixel
    • 2x SMPS2Dynamixel
    • 2x 140 mm slewing bearings
    • Customized 3-pin cables and hubs
    • Stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers
    • 5-plug UK power strip included, 1m cable


  • High-spec computer with Ubuntu 16.04
  • ROS Kinetic Kame (and Moveit! for motion planning)
  • Optional 3D sensor for pan neck mechanism, e.g. Microsoft Kinect
  • 110-220V power outlet
  • UK plug provided. Can easily be swapped for EU/US cable/plug by customer