The GummiArm is a soft, open source, and bio-inspired robotic arm for research, education, and innovation. You can build your own GummiArm, or order it from us ready to be deployed to your laboratory, classroom or commercial application.

The GummiArm with a red ball

Ready for work and science

The GummiArm allows researchers in the cognitive and developmental robotics communities to implement models that could not be implemented in traditional stiff standard robotic arms. It is also ideal for usage in tough real-world applications in service and agriculture.

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Simply replicable

Replicate and extend research experiments across artificial intelligence, robotics and human motor control. Integrate the soft arm on your commercial platform and open new markets. Or use the GummiArm for demonstrating concepts accross the whole range of STEAM subjects in higher education and high school.

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The GummiArm with logo.

Variable passive compliance

The GummiArm is a bio-inspired robotic arm that emulates the human muscle-tendon system design to provide Variable Stiffness Actuation (VSA). It has agonist-antagonist pairs of servos with composite soft tendons, enabling control over both the movement and the stiffness during actuation.

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The GummiArm after playing with the cat, or rather, after the cat played with it.

Soft for interaction

The GummiArm is a soft robotic arm, as actuation is achieved by means of a pulley system using elastic filament composite tendons and standard Dynamixel digital servomotors. The main body is built with open source 3D printed plastic parts, which can easily be repaired and modified upon.

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Welcome to the GummiFactory! We are launching at the London Tech Week, stand RD3, part of the AI and Machine Learning World. Hope to see you there!